Organized by PT. HUTAN GAYA INDONESIA (Member of International Network Group)
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INTRACONNEX (Industrial Trade Conference and Exhibition) 2017 Medan - North Sumatra - Indonesia is General Industry / Manufacturing Exhibition organized by PT. Hutan Gaya Indonesia. INTRACONNEX 2017 will be held on 22 - 24 March 2017 located at Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention, Medan, North Sumatra - Indonesia in conjunction with INPALME 2017 (International Palm Oil Exhibition) and INPOC 2017 (International Palm Oil Conference).

Medan city as Capital of North Sumatra Province is the third largest city in Indonesia. Medan city has very strategic position due to Belawan port at Malacca Strait as entrance gate for tourism and business trading both domestic and international. That's why Medan city plays role as Gate of West Indonesia region.

Industry sector is one of main economy sector in Medan City and North Sumatra Province. It is based on fact that there are many industries in Medan city and other cities in North Sumatra. Medan city is also very supported by infrastructures for industry like well-managed and modern industry cluster. Industrial potency of Medan has been attracting many countries to invest, such as : Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Philippines, German, Swiss, Yemen, etc.

INTRACONNEX 2017 Medan - North Sumatra - Indonesia will be attended by industrial societies from Indonesia mainly from Medan city and other cities even international, such as : producers, consumers / users, supporting industries, security companies, bank / finance companies, academicians, scientists, analysts, researchers, etc from government and private sector mainly by decision-makers. INTRACONNEX will help you in expanding your company, business, and product in West Indonesia region mainly Medan area and North Sumatra, increase sell, network, and upgrade your brand.

Profiles : Owner, CEO, Director, Manager, Purchasing Division, Engineering Division, Traders, Importers & Exporters, Scientists, Engineers & Technologists, Manufacturer, Supplier, etc.

   INTRACONNEX covers 12 (twelve) sub themes as following.

       1. Machinery & Machine Tools
       2. Engineering & Technology
       3. Power, Electrical, Electronic, Instrumentation, and Automation
       4. HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Radiator)
       5. Pump, Valve, and Compressor

       6. Water, Waste Treatment, & Environment
       7. Plastic, Rubber, Packaging, & Printing
       8. Laboratory
       9. Fire & Safety
     10. Foundry, Furnace, Metallurgy, & Welding
     11. Chemical, Paint, & Coating
     12. Bolt, Nut, & Fastener

   Industrial field in Medan, North Sumatra, and nearby area :

  • Crumb Rubber Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Mining & Mineral Processing Industry
  • Quarry Mill
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Cold Storage (seafood)
  • Plastics, Packaging, Printing industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Animal Feed Industry
  • Pipe Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Foundry
  • Building Materials Industry (zinc, nails, concrete, roof, etc)
  • Aluminium Extrusion Industry
  • Ceramic (Tile) Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Gloves Industry
  • Ice industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry (Candy, Noodle, Biscuits, Ice Cream, Snack, Syrup, etc)
  • Machinery and Tool Manufacture
  • Essential Oil Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • etc

Parties that are invited as exhibitors or visitors :

   1. Industrial Company in Medan and other cities in North Sumatra Province. 

No Company Name No Company Name
  1  Indonesia Asahan Aluminium Persero PT (INALUM)   21 Toba Pulp Lestari PT                                            
2 Growth Sumatra PT 22 Artindo Megah Steel PT
3 Agri First Indonesia PT 23 Asia Beton PT
4 Universal Indofood Product PT (UNIBIS) 24 STTC
5 Kim Star Nusantara PT 25 Pertamina PT
6 Medisafe Technologies PT 26 Intan Suar Kartika PT
7 Martabe Mine 27 Chaoren Phokpand Indonesia Tbk PT
8 Jui Shin Indonesia PT 28 Ocean Centra Furnindo PT
9 Gold Coin Indonesia PT 29 Tirta Investama PT (Danone Aqua)
10 Medan Tropical Canning PT 30 Sud-Chemie Indonesia PT
11 Golgon PT 31 Toba Surimi Industries PT
12 Maju Jaya Pohon Pinang PT 32 Shamrock Manufacturing Corporation PT
13 Industri Pembungkus Internasional PT 33 Indrasari Kencana PT
14 Adei Crumb Rubber Industry PT 34 Karimun Kencana Aromatics, PT
15 Sumatera Industri Cat PT 35 Medan Media Grafikatama PT
16 Damai Abadi PT 36 Dow Agrosciences Indonesia PT
17 Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PT 37 Kimia Farma Persero PT
18 Kedaung Medan Industrial Ltd PT 38 Siantar Top PT
19 Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia PT 39 Union Confectionary PT
20 Galatta Lestarindo PT and many more companies

                                                           Total around 2000 industrial companies

The industry is spreaded in area as following :
       a. Medan Industrial Cluster 1 (KIM 1), Medan
       b. Medan Industrial Cluster 2 (KIM 2), Deli Serdang
       c. Medan Industrial Cluster 3 (KIM 3), Deli Serdang
       d. Medan Star Industrial Cluster (KIM Star), Deli Serdang
       e. Special Economic Zone (KEK) Sei Mangke, Simalungun
       f.  Medan - Belawan area
       g. Medan - Binjai area
       h. Namorambe (Deli Tua), Medan
       i.  Batang Kuis, Deli Serdang
       j.  Percut Irian Barat, Medan
       k. Medan - Tanjung Morawa
       l.  Patumbak, Medan
      m. Asahan, Labuhan Batu, Pematang Siantar and Tebing Tinggi Regency
       n. etc

2. Supporting Industry (Supplier) (Agent / Distributor)
Air Conditioning, Alternator, Automation, Battery, Bearing, Belting, Blower, Boiler, Bolt & Nut, Cable, Chain, Chemical, Coating, Compressor, Contract Manufacturing & Turnkey, Contractor, Controls, Cooling Tower, Environmental Engineering, Electric Motor, Electrical Equipment, Fastener, Filter, Fire Bricks, Fire Extinguisher, Flowmeter, Foundry, Freight Forwarding, Gear Box, General Financing, Generator, Geosynthetics, Hardware, Heat Exchanger, Heating Element & Sensor, Heavy Equipment, Hoist & Crane, Hose, Hydraulic, Incinerator, Instrument & Electrical, IT & Telecommunications, Laboratory Equipment, Lathe Repairshop, Lightning Protection, Lighting, Machinery, Packaging, Paint, Pipe, Plastic, Pneumatic, Pump, Radiator, Research Laboratories, Rubber, Safety, Scale, Security System, Spare Parts, Steel, Subcontract Manufacturing, Tank, Tool, Tracking, Transformer, Transportation, Storage and Handling, Valve, Ventilation, Waste Water Treatment, Welding, Wire, etc

3. Association

4. Institution and Organization

5. Academicians, Scientists, Researchers

6. Trade Association

  7.  Etc.